Travel with Us

“Since time immemorial, since his earliest form, man has felt the need for exploration, the yearning to know what lies beyond. Beyond the next corner, the next mountain and beyond the ocean. It is because of this yearning this burning desire to know, to learn, to discover and to experience that man became a traveller.”

To travel is to get to know, to experience first hand people and places that you’ve only heard of or read about. In the earliest ages the method in which man chose to travel was the only method available to him. That was to perambulate. Today when travel brings to mind jumbo jets and luxury cruise ships the most enjoyed element is still the walk through the village or the trek across the mountain. This is the essence of travel.

Euro Asia Travels immediately brings to mind a journey. But a journey to a land to where? A journey to a land of smiles, warmth and caring. A land to which you are welcome. An island surrounded by the deep blue sea, a nature lover’ s paradise, a unique cultural experience and a haven for the adventurer. Euro Asia Travels takes you on a journey to this magical destination, which is veritably “A World in an Island”.